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 DigiMax DVB-T Monitor
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DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner

Digital TV reception problems? Improve your TV Signal!
Digital Terrestrial Television is great when you get good reception. But, when the signal drops to a certain level, TV pictures start to freeze or breakup. And below this threshold level, you loose TV reception completely! This is called the digital cliff. Bad weather, adverse signal propagation conditions or interferences can ruin your digital television reception! That is why it is essential that your TV antenna is setup properly, so your digital TV or set-top-box receives the best possible signal. Many reception problems can be avoided if the antenna is correctly aimed for the best signal quality.
You have to use a proper TV aerial and aim it for the best possible signal quality and strength. But, in many cases simply pointing the antenna in the direction of the transmitter will not give good results. Very often, for a series of reasons (signal reflections, interferences, etc), the best signal is not obtained by pointing directly at the transmitter! So, we must always measure the signal quality!

There are professional hardware digital signal meter instruments available but, even the cheaper ones, when useful, cost hundreds of Euros! Don't waste your money on gimmicky devices that are not capable of tunning digital frequencies individually. These devices are simple wideband amplifiers that do not tune to the individual digital frequencies. They do not provide the signal quality reading. Others don't provide fast reading updates. These features are essential for proper antenna aiming in Digital Terrestrial Television reception. DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner taps into the processing power of your computer to deliver that and much more.

Introducing DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner
Made In Europe
DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner is a software program developed with the collaboration of professional installers from several European countries that turns any Windows computer into a very useful and time saving signal measuring tool.

With DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner software and a cheap DVB-T USB dongle or TV tuner card, you can quickly find the best place to install and where to aim exactly any antenna. The program has three main components: Signal Meter, Signal Scanner and "Spectrum Analyzer". They show and record the signal strength and signal quality readings along with other useful information and many other features.

DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner Pro [Meter function]
In Meter mode, quickly select any RF channel, select from one of the ten programmable user lists or enter any frequency manually. If you make antenna installations in a wide area you can easily program each area's frequencies into individual lists with included DigiMax List Editor program (Professional Plus version only). Use "Spectrum Analyzer" mode to check several frequencies signal strength, quality and status in just a few seconds.

Spectrum Analyzer function example (in strength mode)
Most hardware signal meters have tiny screens and very few buttons making them hard to use, specially outdoors. With DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner you can make the program fill the whole computer screen and all features are just one or two key presses away! DigiMax program interface and features where designed for maximum performance and easy of use, saving the installer precious time. Perfect antenna aiming or placement is possible in just a few minutes, as shown in the demonstration videos.

The software runs on Windows PC's, Notebooks, Netbooks and tablets. It can also be accessed remotely from Android, iPad or Windows Tablets using a remote access / screen sharing program like TeamViewer. This way you can control DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner running on your PC or notebook inside the home from you tablet, while making changes to your antenna.

Controlling DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner from a Tablet

DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner is available in two versions: "Professional" and "Professional Plus". The "Professional Plus" version has 10 (ten) user programmable frequency lists and the "Professional" has 1 (one) programmable frequency list.

Some more example screen captures:

Meter frequency selection example
Scanning example
Main settings
Program options (main menu)

DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner has unique features!

FEATURES (Professional & Professional Plus)
  • SIGNAL METER: measures signal Strength and signal Quality of DVB-T & DVB-H digital broadcasts.
  • SIGNAL SCANNER: fast scanning of all digital frequencies in the UHF and VHF bands (DVB-T & DVB-H). Several scanning options (full UHF band, full VHF band, from freq. lists). Scanning can be aborted before finishing. LTE compatible 1.
  • SPECTRUM ANALYZER: continually shows signal strength and quality of several frequencies 2.
  • Signal Strength meter bar & signal Quality meter bar - Big and easily visible, can fill the width of the computer screen. You don’t need your computer next to you!
  • Signal Strength & signal Quality audio tone - With the continuous audio indicator turned ON, you can fine-tune any antenna to the best signal without even having to look at the computer screen.
  • Weak signal mode3.
  • Full network information 4.
  • Program information 5
  • Automatic tuning from programmable frequency lists 6.
  • Tunning accepts direct channel number entry (C21-C69).
  • Easy change of frequency/channel with keyboard.
  • Manual tuning mode.
  • Easy-to-use DigiMax List Editor program.
  • Signal statistics (max, min, avg) 7.
  • Monitors DVB-T transmissions signal level and quality 7.
  • Automatic saving of signal statistics and frequency scans in text files.
  • Adaptable to different DVB-T computer devices.
  • Multiple tuner capable - You can run more than one instance of the program, select a different tuner and monitor several DVB-T Mux at the same time!
  • Very fast - The program is optimized to make several measurements per second, making antenna adjustments easy, fast and precise.
  • Advanced program settings 8.
  • Compatible with all European Digital Terrestrial (DVB-T) MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264 SD & HD broadcasts.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. 32-bit & 64-bit. Provided with program installer.
  • Program Help.
  • Instructions (English, French, Italian, Spanish).
  • Technical support (Pro Plus users have priority).


1) You can exclude certain UHF or VHF frequencies from the scanning options. For example, you can exclude UHF channels used by 4G/LTE operators.

2) Tunes up to 17 (9+8) frequencies from the selected programmable frequency list in quick succession showing the channel frequency, channel description, signal strength or signal quality, signal peak value and status (locked/unlocked) of several frequencies at the same time. When exiting the function it shows and saves a table with all measurements.

3) Adapts the Meter function signal strength scale to work better with very weak signals (switchable in use).

4) Multiplex information:
Frequency, bandwidth, Modulation type, Carrier mode, Guard Interval, FEC, Network Name, NID, ONID, SID.

5) Information about programs transmitted in the multiplex:
Program name (channel), Type, LCN, SID PID, PMT PID, Teletext, AC3/E-AC3, Provider name.

6) In the "Professional Plus" version 10 (ten) frequency lists (17 frequencies per list) can be quickly and easily programmed by the user in the provided List Editor program and selected in the program. Each list can have a custom name. In the "Professional" version one list can be programmed. You can also exclude frequencies/channels from the UHF and VHF scanning options (for example: 4G/LTE frequencies).

7) Shows and saves signal maximum, minimum and average with time stamp. For more signal statistics and monitoring capabilities please checkout DVB-T Monitor
8) Allows you to further customize the way the Meter and Spectrum Analyzer functions work.

Any computer or tablet running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and free USB 2.0 port or PCI or Cardbus slot for connecting a DVB-T digital TV Tuner card or USB dongle (not included!).

DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner Pro @ Work

Outdoor Antenna installation
In this video an outdoor (rooftop) antenna is being installed with the help of the software.
(Note: this video was made with DigiMax Pro version 1.1, current version is v3.0!)

Ver este video en Español

Indoor antenna placement
This video shows how to find a good signal spot for an indoor or portable antenna with the help of the software.
(Note: this video was made with DigiMax Pro version 1.1, current version is v3.0!)

Ver este video en Español

Connections example
The DVB-T receiver (not included) is connected to the antenna coaxial cable. If needed, an adapter cable can be bought or easily made. Connector adapters can be used if needed.

DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner software is available directly and exclusively from me (the author) through this web site. The development of DigiMax took thousands of hours of hard work in development and testing, so it can not be free, it is a paid software program (both versions) available only by request. It is available to professionals. In case of interest, and before contacting me, please read carefully all the information on this page and watch the videos. In case of interest you can contact me exclusively through this e-mail address: 


NEW! Monitor digital terrestrial signals with the new software program DigiMax DVB-T Monitor.
 DigiMax DVB-T Monitor
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About DVB-T
Most countries worldwide are switching from old analog to new digital terrestrial television broadcast systems. European countries have adopted the DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial) standard. It’s used in: Italy, Spain, France, Germany and many more countries. Digital TV is known by different names in different countries: DTT, TNT, TDT, etc. More information about the DVB-T standard and country specific information like frequencies used, is available in the links on the top right of this page.