DVB-T monitoring is a capability on the wish list of many professional or hobby TV installers.

Receiving a reliable Digital Terrestrial TV signal sometimes can be a real challenge! Both MFN and SFN transmissions can be affected by multi-path interference, interference from other transmitters, excessive signal level variation and other problems. In many situations the received terrestrial signal is far from stable, it can vary significantly throughout the day. The reception signal can be good or excellent for most part of the day but deteriorate very fast, to the point of being unusable. 

Detecting and fixing such problems can be very difficult and time consuming because they mostly have a random nature. The ability to monitor DVB-T signals continuously will help you detect and fix problems much faster! 

But, until now, monitoring DVB-T signals meant the use of very expensive sollutions, only accessible to broadcasters or specialized firms. Now there is a more accessible solution available to everyone!

DigiMax DVB-T Monitor live mode (real time) example
DigiMax DVB-T Monitor - Live mode (real time) example
DigiMax DVB-T Monitor is a software program specially developed to monitor DVB-T broadcast signals for long periods of time, enabling the easier detection of signal reception problems at the receiving site. With DigiMax DVB-T Monitor, RF DVB-T signals can be monitored continuously for many hours or days easily and without spending thousands of Euros. No proprietary hardware is needed!

DigiMax DVB-T Monitor has powerful features and is capable of making several measurements per second. Each measurement can trigger a signal event1 is date & time stamped with millisecond precision and monitoring sensitivity can be adjusted. This makes possible the detection and display of even very short signal disturbances. 

Signal availability e continuously calculated and enables a more accurate evaluation of the reception conditions at the receiving site. For example, this means if reception from two or more broadcast sites carrying the same programs is possible, DigiMax DVB-T Monitor can be used to determine which broadcast site (or aiming direction) offers the best overall reception quality

DigiMax DVB-T Monitor tunes, analyses and displays DVB-T signals in an advanced interactive chart. Being able to see a detailed plot of the received signal in a chart is invaluable. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But, with DigiMax DVB-T Monitor you get more like a "movie" of the tuned signal! 

File menu
File menu
However, DigiMax DVB-T Monitor does not just display signal levels! It can be used in two different monitoring modes: Live mode and File mode

In Live mode, DVB-T Monitor evaluates and displays the signal received by the hardware device in real-time and also automatically records2 it. This means you can load a previously recorded monitoring session from a file for analysis at the most convenient time! You simply can start DigiMax DVB-T Monitor and leave it running on your computer, unattended

You can even enable the triggering of an audio alarm or the automatic sending of notification e-mail messages when signal reception fails!
DigiMax DVB-T Monitor has several advanced features, such as:
  • Real-time signal monitoring;
  • Recorded (Offline) signal monitoring;
  • Advanced interactive chart;
  • Signal statistics;
  • Signal meter and signal status indicators;
  • Events log;
  • Signal events filtering by type and time (in file mode);
  • Network and program3 information;
  • Report generator;
  • Signal fail alarms (audio and e-mail).

Signal strength and signal quality levels are displayed on an advanced interactive chart with features such as scrolling and zooming, making easy to visualize signal variations and reception failures in real-time or in "offline" mode. The chart can display many hours of signal information and you can choose how much information is displayed at any moment. You can zoom out to see more signal events at once (lengthier timespan) or, you can zoom in to see a more detailed plot of the signal shorter timespan). Of course you can make the chart bigger by simply adjusting the program window size.
DVB-T Monitor signal chart - click & drag to zoom example
Signal chart - click & drag to zoom example
Want to take snapshots of the chart? No problem, you can easily capture and save chart images at any moment with just one click. 
Simultaneously, DigiMax DVB-T Monitor generates and displays in an Events log a series of time stamped events based on the received signal. 
Program details example
Signal statistics such as maximum, minimum and weighted average of signal strength and quality, number of signal fails, total downtime, signal availability rate and more are continuously calculated and displayed. 

Signal strength, signal quality, signal present and signal lock status are displayed in a Signal meter component. All available network and program information (program name, type, pids, etc) are also displayed.

Reports gathering all the information acquired during monitoring sessions, including tuning information, network information, program information, all signal events and statistics can be easily generated. These reports can be read, edited and printed using your favorite word processor application!

Monitoring sensitivity can be adjusted in program settings as well as chart appearance and other options.
No special or proprietary and expensive receiver equipment is needed! DigiMax DVB-T Monitor can be used with many inexpensive and readily available DVB-T USB dongles or TV cards.

DVB-T Monitor Settings
Settings example

1) Signal strength variation, signal quality variation, strength maximum and minimum, quality maximum and minimum, signal locked and signal unlocked.
2) Tuning, Network and  Program information, Signal levels and Signal status.
3) Program name, Program type, LCN, SID, VPID, APID, PMT, TXT PID, AC3/E-AC3, Provider name.

Supported Digital TV standards: DVB-T, DVB-H.
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. 32bit and 64 bit.
Program language: English.

DigiMax DVB-T Monitor Lite
DigiMax DVB-T Monitor "Lite" is based on DigiMax DVB-T Monitor and has the following limitations: no report generator, no monitoring filter options in file mode, no alarms and monitoring sessions limited to 6 hours each. Please note that in most cases 6 hours of continuous monitoring time is enough to detect reception problems.

Please note: 
  • The program is very intuitive and easy to use, but I recommend use only by persons with *at least* reasonable knowledge of computer use and understanding of the English language.
  • DigiMax DVB-T Monitor can also be used for antenna installation and aiming, but for that purpose I recommend my other program DigiMax DVB-T Meter & Scanner
  • Technical assistance is provided.

DigiMax DVB-T Monitor is available directly and exclusively from me (the author) through this web site. Both full and "Lite" versions are *paid* software programs. In case of interest you can contact me exclusively at this address: . Thank you!